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Frame relay is an example of packet switched technology. The framerelay, framerelay lmitype, and framerelay inversearp commands are used to configure frame relay. You can configure multiple point to point subinterfaces using a single physical frame frame circuit. As a ccna candidate you are familiar with the concept of framerelay, although you do not need to configure the framerelay switch. Verify the framerelay map statements using the show framerelay map command. Compare this to the physical path used by a dedicated connection. Configuring pointtopoint frame relay subinterfaces. You could make it look like a leased lineby purchasing enough cir and access rates. The service, once widely available and implemented, is in the process of being discontinued by major internet service. It includes a bibliography and a set of www sites with information on frame relay networks.

Telecommunications technology that breaks data stream into small data packets called frames, to provide transmission speeds of 64 kilo bits per thousand. Frame relay is a packet switch technology,so you will not be using hdlc or ppp for encapsulation. Once one becomes a master of frame relay design and configuration, it is much easier to obtain a strong understanding of x. This single physical connection pr ovides direct connectivity to each device on a network. Frame relay reduces network costs by using less equipment, less complexity, and an easier implementation. Be sure to change your cabling to reflect the topology diagram. The router reference manuals are provided as adobe acrobat pdf. This lab will discuss and demonstrate the frame relay point to point subinterface configuration and.

Remove the previous configuration from r1s serial00 interface and create a pointtomultipoint subinterface and configure it with the correct framerelay maps. If, for example, 50 56 k dlcis are configured into a t1 interface, traffic issues, such as congestion and dropped traffic, will arise. A packetswitching protocol for connecting devices on a wide area network wan. Originally designed for transport across integrated services digital network isdn infrastructure, it may be used today in the context of many other network interfaces. Configuring a cisco router as a frame relay switch cisco.

Ccna 200 301 v1 0 frame relay frame relay switch cisco ccna frame relay part i frame relay analyzer. The frame relay labs, unlike any of the other labs in exploration 4, have two dce links on the same router. Frame relay connects a lan to a lan through a wan by allowing you to share the cost of bandwidth. An even more interesting phenomenon is the current migration away from traditional high speed access methods like frame relay, atm, and private line toward next gen access methods like ethernet, sonet, wdm, dsl, and pon for metro and wan services. Ccna 200 301 v1 0 frame relay explained with examples orbit. Thus, if the framerelay switch is configured correctly, the framerelay interfacedlci command could theoretically be removed, and the framerelay connection will still work. Most telephone companies now provide frame relay service for customers who want connections at. For example, in a hubandspoke configuration, traffic must first travel. You create permanent virtual circuitsor pvcs for each connection you need to have. However, you should be familiar with the many configuration options and when they are used. The basic frame protocol, which is used in the frame relay is hdlc and the typical speed is higher than the x.

Frame relay multipoint subinterface with dynamic addressing example ipx routes over frame. Frame relayleased line bridgerouter to parent directory. Figure 118 is an example of such a diagram, with the global dlcis shown. In certain cases, you may have a working frame relay connection by just using a single command encpsulation framerelay, and leaving everything else to default values. This frame is very similar to the hdlc frame except for the missing control field here. A pvc is the logical path along an originating frame relay link, through the network, and along a terminating frame relay link to its ultimate destination. This tutorial explains how to configure frame relay step by step. Frame relay is a more costeffective option for two reasons. Frame relay is one of the most popular wan service deployed over the past decade. The structure of the frame relay frame shown in the figure. Frame relay article about frame relay by the free dictionary. Framerelay is one of the wan protocols you need to understand if you plan to become ccna certified. Frame relay forum how is frame relay forum abbreviated.

Frame relay is a protocol standard for lan internetworking which provides a fast and efficient method of transmitting information from a user device to. Frame relay is a standardized wide area network technology that specifies the physical and data link layers of digital telecommunications channels using a packet switching methodology. Wide area networking configuration guide frame relay cisco ios. In this tutorial ill explain to you why we use d framerelay and how it works. Scenario your isp has provisioned frame relay pvcs for the international travel agency wan. Depending on the topology of a customers frame relay network, packets traveling over a frame relay network may experience high latency relative to ip networks with anytoany connectivity. Frame relay is a packetswitching telecommunication service designed for costefficient data transmission for intermittent traffic between local area networks lans and between endpoints in wide area networks wans. Frame relay is the source of many tricky questions on ccna, ccnp, and beyond. Frame relay operates at the physical and data link layers of the osi model. We will use figure 2 and table 2 in this section for reference. This can be accomplished by using the ping and other troubleshooting methods. This package provides the background for the next training on the isdn network, on the wide area networks and on internet. We will utilize the physical interface for framerelay configuration and as previously mentioned the physical interface is a multipoint interface which can terminate more than one vc.

You can verify the configuration using the show frame relay pvc command. Cours frame relay cisco pdf viewframes co comprehensive guide to configuring and troubleshooting frame relay 11 frame relay configuration free ccna study guide 11 frame relay configuration free ccna study guide 4 2 7m lab configuring frame relay. Frame relay frame relay is a highperformance wan protocol that operates at the physical and data link layers of the osi reference model. The frad frame relay access device attachment to a frame relay network is made via a frad on the customers premises, which may be a separate device or software in the router. Figure 1 typical frame relay configuration the frame relay interface actually consists of one physical connection between the network server and the switch that provides the servic e. The router also supports a proprietary encapsulation defined by cisco sys tems.

Even though several advanced technologies such as vpn, atm are available today, frame relay still rocks and will be in near future due to its features, benefits and lower cost in comparison with other point to point wan services. Configuring a pointtomultipoint frame relay wan free. Frame relay is a widearea network with the following features. In fact, you can think of frame relay as a way of utilizing existing t1 and t3 lines owned by a service provider. The technology is fairly new but, true to form, the standardssetting body for frame relay, the frame relay forum in foster city, calif. In figure 33, spans frame relay network uses permanent virtual circuits pvc. The basic configuration of frame relay is simple, but the network administrator plans the. Sometimes abbreviated as fr, frame relay is a network protocol designed to replace x. The three wan topologies used to interconnect remote sites are star, partialmesh, and fullmesh.

Frame relay communications a dtedce interface specification based on lapd q. Frame relay service article about frame relay service by. You can find the definitions in the glossary at the end of the book. Pdf establishing frame relay connections using packet tracer. A common specification was produced by a consortium of stratacom, cisco, digital, and northern telecom. If your verification procedure indicates that your frame relay configuration is not working properly, you need to troubleshoot the configuration. Example 426 shows the contents of the table displayed by the show framerelay route command. Frame relay is the result of wide area networking requirements for speed. Its also one of the most difficult protocols to understand for most ccna students.

Since you are working your way to becoming the ultimate networking guru, you are prepared to do a full frame. Frame relay, is an endtoend wan technology, also considered as secondgeneration x. This chapter describes frame relay and explains how to configure frame. A virtual path is created through the frame relay network so data can rapidly pass through each frame relay switch as its path is previously established. Although frame relay is popular due to its relatively inexpensive nature, it is being replaced in many areas by. After configuring your network, its considered a good idea to verify that your configuration is working. Isp frame relay switch uses the ansi lmitype, and is configured with the dlcis displayed in the diagram.

Frame relay allows for a single serial interface on the router to connect multiple remote sites with the help of virtual circuits. Configuring frame relay feature history release modification forinformationaboutfeaturesupportinciscoios software,useciscofeaturenavigator. Ipipx routing, and compression over a frame relay permanent virtual circuit or a. As the administrator, you are responsible for configuring frame relay among regional offices. How to configure framerelay pointtomultipoint this time well take a look at the configuration of framerelay pointtomultipoint.

Local management interface lmi message is used to check the status between frame relay dte and dce. Frame relay is a scalable wide area network solution which makes use of packetmode transmission. Configure three routers with frame relay in a full mesh topology. The framerelay route interface configuration command is used to route an incoming dlci to an outgoing interface and corresponding outgoing dlci to verify the contents of the frame relay route table, the show framerelay route privileged exec mode command is used. The framerelay map command is used to configure static addresstodlci tables. Basic concepts of frame relay explained in easy language. This type of configuration can be used between hub and spoke sites where you would want to keep the spokes in their own layer 3 subnets. If you have no idea what framerelay is or what a pvc, dlci or lmi is you should start with my introduction to framerelay first. Base training of an engineer for the installation and maintenance of digital telecommunications and internetworking systems. Frame relay is a standardized wide area network technology that specifies the physical and logical link layers of digital telecommunications channels using a packet switching methodology. The frame relay is the packet switched network as well as it may compare with the x. First, with dedicated lines, customers pay for an endtoend connection.

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