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Open the case computer cases are produced in a variety of form factors. This computer build will be very basic and will be the minimum hardware necessary to have a functional system. Lab 02 computer assembly troubleshooting hardware problems microcomputer support csit320 lebanese international university 2 how to tell a hardware problem from a software problem. Computer hardware questions and answers pdf free download,objective troubleshooting questions,multiple choice questions,lab viva,online quiz,test skip to content engineering interview questions,mcqs,objective questions,class notes,seminor topics,lab viva pdf free download. The lowest performing pentium 4 processor, the willamette, has an l2 cache of 256kb, a potential 2. Maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair, second edition. In continuation of first module of hardware component introduction, computer assembling will be covered. The central processing unit cpu and the heat sinkfan assembly may be.

Very often there are problems with the hardware software and we dont know what to do next. Some boards have an optional diagnostic device, usually a collection of leds, which when properly plugged in will inform you of the nature of the problem. Lu2 introduction to computer hardware and software 10 hrs 20 hrs 30 hrs 30 hrs module 2. The panel on the left displays all the disks on the computer and all the folders on the desktop. View and download panasonic ub5315 operating instructions manual online. If there is a hardware problem, the computer may emit a series of.

Hardware troubleshooting techniques introduction this chapter contains information that applies to identifying and troubleshooting hardware problems. Panasonic ub5310 operating instructions manual pdf download. If you are reading how to assemble a desktop pc personal computer, you are probably contemplating building or assembling a computer instead of purchasing one prebuilt or preassembled. Motherboard the main board in the computer also called the system board. Improve computer assembly skills dramatically with practice. Aug 01, 2012 to view full course detail, click on below link. Cleaning dusts from ram and video carts slotports and from cooling fan. Computer hardware and software mobile repairing online. Oct 03, 2017 a computer hardware and software engineer is a confident communicator and possess excellent attention to detail, analytical and problemsolving skills.

Different parts are required to be assembled in an order, which can vary little bit depending on the. Plastic and metal standoffs are used to mount the motherboard and to prevent it from touching the metal portions of the case. Pdf desktop computer system been diy assembled or branded has become sinequanon compare to other. Assembling computers is a large part of a technicians job.

Removing, repairing and replacing faulty ram, hard disk or videographic card. Computer hardware and networking hindi tutorials youtube. Your computer seems to be malfunctioning its slow, programs are crashing or windows may be blue screening. To fix this problem, turn off the computer and reconnect the data. Learning about computer components and how they fit and work together. Hardware troubleshooting is generally done on hardware equipment installed within a computer, server, laptop or related device.

Pc troubleshooting and maintenance guide 3 windows reports smaller capacity in the windows explorer tool and in the my computer window because it shows information about one partition on the hard disk drive at a time. Other job titles also used to refer to this kind of work include. Computer hardware repair course pc hardware assembling training classes. Engendering technical problem solving ability saving. Place the heat sinkfan assembly onto the cpu socket, being careful not to pinch the cpu fan wires. Basic computer maintenance and troubleshooting techniques. Building and assembling a computer, for those who have a penchant to do so, may be a very rewarding experience. The problem may end up being the users behavior, such as facility to choose the correct printer, pushing the wrong key for a specific function, or issuing an incorrect. They determine the capabilities and features of a computer, as well as its power and processing speeds. It checks to see if the memory is inside of your computer. Hardware and software are the two basic parts of a computer system. Cpu scorecard reports it has an l2 cache of 1mb 1024kb, a potential 3. If the computer does appear to come on, but, you hear beeps, listen carefully to the beeps, turn the computer off, and refer to your motherboards manual for the meaning of the beeps. Sorting hardwaresoftware configuration problems one of the first steps in troubleshooting a computer problem or any other programmable system problem is to determine whether the problem is due to a hardware failure or to faulty.

Advanced configuration and power interface acpi a power management specification developed by intel, microsoft, and toshiba. Make sure that the side tabs have locked the ram module. The ultimate computer repair guide hardware that is not part of the system unit is sometimes called a peripheral device or device. Troubleshooting is the process of figuring out how to solve a computer problem. Course description using computers laptops is part of our daily life today. Computer hardware get best books pdf, study materials. Line up the heat sinkfan assembly retainers to the holes on the motherboard. The motherboard is the most important part of a computer.

Installing any additional standoffs may prevent the motherboard from being seated properly in the computer case. Cable ties assembling a computer is not a particularly difficult task but that does not mean you can afford to gloss over the basic precautionary measures. As with any learned trade, your computer assembly skills will improve dramatically with practice. Align the notches on the ram module to the keys in the slot and press down until the side tabs click into place.

May 26, 20 one very quick hardware test is the one that occurs when you power on your computer. Rom, prom, eprom, eeprom, cpu central processing unit alu and. Install only the standoffs that align with the holes in the motherboard. Symptoms that describe the sign or warning message for the type of problem. Computer components like the cpu, motherboard, computer case, ram and drive are the core of a computer.

Many small companies assemble pccompatible systems using indi. Even with the most updated software and hardware, occasionally computers can. Ram should be installed in the motherboard before the motherboard is placed in the computer case. Keep in mind that this is a select few of the thousands of questions and answers in our database. Mouse a pointing and input device that allows the user to move a cursor around a screen and. Monitor crt monitor lcd monitor plasma monitor vga port hdmi port dvi port 4. Installation, interfacing, troubleshooting and maintenance is a comprehensive and wellorganised book that provides sufficient guidelines and proper directions for assembling and upgrading the computer systems, interfacing the computers with peripheral devices as well. The frequently perceive the computer as the problem. Major skills required for computer maintenance working knowledge of computer hardware able to identify computer hardware issues. Assembling of desktop computer system with inbuilt uninterrupted power supply ups article pdf available january 2017 with 12,758 reads how we measure reads.

Below is a listing of commonly asked computer questions and answers and basic troubleshooting steps for operating systems, software, and computer hardware. This will enable the learner to get complete information computer configuration activities. Computer hardware servicing 5 k to 12 technology and livelihood education bin a container or enclosed space for storage. Installation, interfacing, troubleshooting and maintenance is a comprehensive and wellorganised book that provides sufficient guidelines and proper directions for assembling and upgrading the computer systems, interfacing the computers with peripheral devices as well as for installing the new devices. Computer hardware computer hardware and networking. As a technician, you will need to work in a logical, methodical manner when working with computer components. Lu1 computer basics lu2 introduction to computer hardware and software 10 hrs 20 hrs 30 hrs 30 hrs module 2. View and download panasonic ub5310 operating instructions manual online. Technology and livelihood education learning module. Computer institute hardware technician, itsystems support engineer at companies. Building or assembling a desktop pc is a viable option for many people and. Basic troubleshooting techniques freedom high school systems management.

Our kids almost live half their life on these machines. In this instance, the case, motherboard, cpu, hard drive, and memory were bought. Working knowledge of operating system and device drivers working knowledge of peripheral. If the motherboard does not work, none of the other parts will either. The cpu, rom chips, simms, dimms, rimms, and interface cards are plugged into the motherboard. Pdf assembling of desktop computer system with inbuilt.

Its important to choose computer components that can work together to satisfy your needs. Coputer hard ware video for assembling and disassembling,what are the problem of compouter hardware with solution you will learn from pdf fill notes please try to watch this video carefully so it will help you for assembling and disassembling your computer hardware parts. Tighten the heat sinkfan assembly retainers to secure the assembly in place. See our troubleshoot definition for a general overview of steps that should be taken while. Hardware workstations, servers, printers, and network devices. After you have all of the parts and materials needed, it will take between 2 and 4 hours to assemble your computer and you will need to be able to use simple hand tools, such as a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. In this section well look at hardware, computers, and how we can design and. Computer hardware assembling and troubleshooting, io, storage, printing devices. The first partition contains the system recovery information. Computer chassis the enclosure that contains most of the components of a computer.

Computer hardware installation interfacing troubleshooting. Nov 10, 20 complete detailed description about computer hardware and troubleshooting and assembling. Many problems relate to the people who operate computer the users. Guide to computer troubleshooting and repair pc troubleshooting manual there are six interactive troubleshooting flowcharts for pc hardware performance issues on this website, along with the related chapter text from the 20 update of my book, computer repair with diagnostic flowcharts third edition. How to assemble a desktop pcassembly wikibooks, open books. Diagnostic tools used to test the integrity of circuits and the quality of. Panasonic ub5315 operating instructions manual pdf download. Use sturdy, durable cable ties to properly organize all the wires and cables that would be attached to the monitor, cpu, keyboard and the other components of the computer. Pc repair and maintenance a practical guide part 1 youtube. It is the interface layer between the physical hardware layer of the pc and the os. Pc hardware assembling training classes computer it courses.

Some processes within hardware troubleshooting include. Sorting hardwaresoftware configuration problems one of the first steps in troubleshooting a computer problem or any other programmable system problem is to determine whether the problem is due. Monitor the most commonly used output device for displaying text and graphics on a computer. A program is a sequence of instrucrons wri en to solve a parrcular problem. Consult individual component manuals for specific troubleshooting. Assembling and updating hardware components installing device drivers and trouble shooting the device drivers defragmenting the hard drives on computer functioning too slowly. Installation, interfacing, troubleshooting and maintenance by k. Connect the heat sinkfan assembly power cable to the header on the motherboard. Essential tools to assemble a computer techsling weblog. Lab 02 computer assembly troubleshooting hardware problems. Peripheral a peripheral is any piece of hardware attached to a computer, such as a printer. Laboratory manual introduction to computer science and. Every other computer part connects to the motherboard.

Acpi, which will be part of the next version of windows, enables the operating system to control the amount of power given to each device attached to the computer. Nov 24, 2010 introduction to computer hardware assembling 1. The top pentium processor is the pentium 4 prescott. Observe the demonstration on how to reassemble a computer system dont proceed without the resource persons guide. Training schedule computer hardware assembly and maintenance.

Hardware hardware is any part of a computer system you can see or touch. In this context, hardware troubleshooting in this book. Troubleshooting computer problems 7 troubleshooting computer problems this section contains a series of tables that describe possible solutions to problems that may occur when using your computer. Software software is a set of electronic instructions that tell a computer what to do. Repair replace mostly the faulty hardware as required. Click on the little next to a disk or folder to hide the folders it contains. And it checks a minimal hardware configuration for your pc. Object of experiments remarks date signature 1 a introduction, course outline. Keyboard 105 us keyboard qwerty layout serial port ps2 port 5.

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