El software libre canaima linux

Nonfree software in gnulinux distros gnu operating system. Canaima gnu linux is an open source operating system. It is primarily designed as a solution for the computers of national public administration in accordance with the presidential decree number 3. It uses the debian linux kernel, and a large part of the basic tools that fill out the operating system come from gnu, which are also free. Canaima es una distribucion gnu linux venezolana basada en debian surgida como consecuencia del decreto presidencial 3. Canaima gnulinux is an open source operating system. To compare the software in this project to the software available in. Novedades linux elsoftwarelibre software libre en espanol.

Canaima is a complete gnu linux operating systemdistribution developped in ten bolivarian republic of venezuela, with both community and goverment support. Canaima gnulinux is a venezuelan desktop distribution based on debian gnu linux. It was created as a solution to cover the needs of the venezuelan government as a response to presidential decree 3,390 that prioritizes the use of free and open source technologies in the public administration. The free software foundation fsf states that canaima gnu linux is not 100% free software. Canaima gnu linux, libreoffice y soporte tecnico en gnu linux nivel medio. Apr 18, 2009 software libre y distribuciones linux en paises latinoamericanos. Canaima is a complete gnulinux operating systemdistribution developped in the bolivarian. Canaima gnulinux is a distribution made by venezuelas government to. Como instalar rivendell y jack en canaima gnulinux 3. It is a linux distribution based on the architecture of debian. Canaima gnu linux is a venezuelan desktop distribution based on debian gnu linux. This page is maintained by the free software foundations licensing and.

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