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The glass disc c attached to the swivel arm shall be moved and placed just on the top of the slump cone fn the pot and before the cone is lifted up, the. The test is an empirical test that measures the workability of fresh concrete. The consistency, or stiffness, indicates how much water has been used in the mix. The slump test indicates the behavior of a compacted concrete cone under the action of gravitational forces. The measured slump must be within a set range, or tolerance, from the target slump. For most of the works cubical moulds of size 15cm x 15cm x 15cm are commonly used. Nd t 121 density unit weight, yield, and air content gravimetric of concrete. To study the workability determine the consistency of prepared concrete either in the laboratory or laboratory or during the progress of work in the field and to check the uniformity of concrete from batch to batch. Additional information on workability and quality of concrete.

The department standard specifications, section 106. If the slump test fails to meet the range limit as dictated by the british standard shown in the table below then the load should be rejected. Field concrete technician study guide 9 gdt 27 slump of portland cement concrete the purpose of the slump test is to determine the consistency of the concrete. It gives quick result about the workability of concrete. The slump test is a qualityc o n t r ol test because changes in the m e a s u red slump indicate changes in mix proportions, mixing pro c e d u r es, or other factors affecting the n a t u re of fresh concrete. Never take the sample from the first concrete out of the mixer. Thoroughly clean the inner surface of frustum cone and it should be free from moisture content and adherence of any old set concrete. See chapter 3 concrete testing workability is affected by. Concrete slump test to determine the workability of concrete mix. It is not a suitable method for very wet or very dry. Astm c143 c143m 15a standard test method for slump of. Measure the amount of slump in inches from the bottom of the straight edge to the top of the slumped concrete at a point over the original center of the base. It states in the procedure that when the cone is removed, it should be lifted up vertically, without any rotational movement at all.

It is not a suitable method for very wet or very dry concrete. Concrete slump test is carried out to check the uniform quality during construction. Slump test procedure and sheet concrete building engineering. Diagnostic accuracy of the slump test for identifying. A second aim was to determine whether the diagnostic function of the slump test could be improved. True slump is a general subsidence of the mass without b reaking up. Tests on concrete concrete slump test, compression test.

More specifically, it measures concrete consistency between batches. Fill cone full by volume and rod 25 times with 58inchdi ameter x 24inch long hemispherical tip steel tamping rod. To assess whether a herniated disc, neural tension, or altered neurodynamics are contributing to the patients symptoms. Thoroughly mix the sample by shovelling to form a cone on the. Acceptance testing and criteria for ready mixed concrete in hong kong. If, in the repeat test also, the specimen should shear, the slump shall be measured and the fact that the specimen sheared, shall be recorded. It can be employed either in laboratory or at site of work. The slump test is an orthopaedic test commonly performed by a chiropractor, doctors and physical therapists when diagnosing the source of your low back pain. You have to clean all the apparatus which is going to use with water and then apply the oil on the surface to make then frictionfree. Slump test provides immediate result about the consistency and workability of concrete, that is the reason it is used widely in all over the world since 1922. Test procedure the original mini slump cone test procedure uses a 600 gram sample. Nddot uses an 1100 g sample which is soaked for 171 hours. Obtain samples for strength tests by the same procedure as for slump or air test, except obtain the sample from the middle half of the load.

If the slump test is to determine whether or not the concrete is to be accepted, the sample must be taken from the early part of the load. The slump test gives an indication of the consistency, water to cement ratio andor fluidity of the field grout batch. Patient is seated upright with hands held together behind hisher back. Concrete slump test or slump cone test is to determine the workability or. Concrete slump test is carried out from batch to batch to check the uniform quality of concrete during construction. If necessary, modify sampling procedures to fit a specific situation. Slump test slump test is the most commonly used method of measuring consistency of concrete which can be employed either in laboratory or at site of work. The aashto standard test procedure uses a 500 ml pycnometer flask while the nddot modification uses a ml pycnometer and a glass cover plate. Now place the mould cone on the metallic steel plate or on any smooth surface. American society for testing materials provides standard test method for compressive strength of cylindrical and cubical concrete specimens. And more importantly, the stepbystep procedure of slump test followed by the list of cautions during the test and way to measure the workability from the test result. The examiner instructs to the patient to flex hisher spine slump, followed by neck flexion.

We use your linkedin profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Astm c231 standard test method for air content of freshly mixed concrete by the pressure method duration. A slump test can be used to measure the workability of concrete. All acceptance testing of concrete must be conducted in accordance with established standards referenced in contract documents. Testing was performed in accordance with astm c 66603 resistance of concrete to rapid freezing and thawing procedure a freezing and thawing in water. Pdf the minislump test is a fast, inexpensive and widely adopted method for evaluating the workability of fresh cementitious pastes. Stand firmly on the footpieces and fill the volume of the cone with the sample. This test method was originally developed to provide a technique to monitor the consistency of unhardened concrete. By downloading files from this ftp service, you are agreeing to this license agreement. The concrete slump test is used for the measurement of a property of fresh concrete. Aashto uses a g sample which is soaked 15 to 19 hours.

Best practice guidelines for concrete placement planning, field testing, and sample collection page 1 september 2014 1 executive summary concrete is the most widely used construction material and can be used in almost any environment for a. Any slump specimen which collapses or shears off laterally gives incorrect result and if this occurs the test shall be repeated with another sample. The slump test is perhaps the most widely used because of the simplicity of the apparatus required and the test procedure. The concrete slump test is known as standard test method for slump of hydrauliccement concrete and carries the code astm c 143 or aashto t 119. Slump plate 500 mm x 500 mm procedure of slump test for concrete. Concrete slump test uji slump beton sharing materi. Chapter 17 tex415a, slump of portland cement concrete section 1 overview 400a, concrete test procedures 172 081998 112004 section 1 overview effective august 1998 november 2004. For instance, the slump test only provides one point on the flow curve, namely, the yield stress. Chapter 17 tex415a, slump of portland cement concrete. A slump test is a method used to determine the consistency of concrete. This test plays a vital role in ensuring immediate concrete quality in a construction project.

A sample is poured into a mini slump cone, rodded, struck off, and lifted at 2 minutes. Uji slump adalah suatu uji empirismetode yang digunakan untuk menentukan konsistensikekakuan dapat dikerjakan atau tidakdari campuran beton segar fresh concrete untuk menentukan tingkat workability nya. If this test is being carried out in the field, the sample mixed concrete shall be. Slump test procedure and sheet free download as pdf file. This is a measure of the relative fluidity or mobility of the concrete mixture. Specifically, the slump test was assessed in a small undiagnosed sample of those with low to moderate lev els of chronic lbp. Compressive strength of concrete cube test, procedure. This test defines the procedures used to obtain samples that will show the nature. Test procedures texas department of transportation.

Concrete slump test is a simple and lowcost test which is prepared in the laboratory or at the construction site for the determination of workability and consistency. The results of our testing are reported in table 2. A small variation in slump caused by improper procedure or equipment, may cause the rejection of an entire. Slump test of concrete to check the workability of concrete in urduhindi duration. The slump test the slump test is done to make sure a concrete mix is workable. We usually perform slump test on site and lab due its ease and results. Tools standard slump cone 100 mm top diameter x 200 mm bottom diameter x 300 mm high small scoop bulletnosed rod 600 mm long x 16 mm diameter rule slump plate 500 mm x 500 mm. Org purpose of acceptance testing concrete supplied complies with specification sampling and testing should comply with standards 1 cu. Procedures for slump test step by step the whole concrete slump test is performed under the 5 steps. Add water in measured amounts to bring the slump within the specified range.

Slump test is the most commonly used method of measuring consistency of concrete which can be employed either in laboratory or at site of work. Site testing slump test always do your slump test before making your cubes to ensure the concrete is usable. Empty the sample from the container onto the sampling try. The slump test is a practical means of measuring the workability.

Summary of concrete workability test methods the university of. Concrete slump test or slump cone test is to determine the workability or consistency of concrete mix prepared at the laboratory or the construction site during the progress of the work. Acceptance testing and criteria given in clauses 16. Fill cone full by volume and rod 25 times with 58inchdi ameter x 24inchlong hemispherical tip steel tamping rod. The slump test result is a measure of the behavior of a compacted inverted cone of concrete under the action of gravity. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to. Kekakuan dalam suatu campuran beton menunjukkan berapa banyak air yang digunakan. The test is popular due to the simplicity of apparatus used and simple procedure. The amount of cement paste the cement paste is the soft or. Standard test method for slump of hydrauliccement concrete, astm c 143 ref.

Concrete slump test for workability procedure and results. If the slump test result is outside of the slump range, correct before placing th e concrete in the work. Measurement of slump value by slump test in accordance to procedures stipulated in bs en 125308. Acceptance testing and criteria for ready mixed concrete. The test procedures are published in pdf format and may be accessed and printed upon acceptance of this agreement.

Collect a sample of concrete to perform the slum test. These innovations enhanced the utility, flexibility. This test method describes the procedure for determining the slump of freshlymixed plastic. Any deviation from standard procedures is adequate reason for invalidating test results so obtained. Under laboratory conditions, with strict control of all concrete materials, the slump is generally found to increase proportionally with the water content of a given concrete mixture, and thus to be inversely related to concrete strength. It measures the consistency or the wetness of concrete which then gives an idea about the workability condition of concrete mix. The mini slump test is performed for the analysis of flow behavior of cement to check the workability, according to standard astm.

Slump cone, scale for measurement, temping rod steel procedure of concrete slump test. Slump test is the most commonly used test of measuring workability of concrete. Concrete slump test procedure applications, types, uses. The slump operation shall be completed in a maximum elapsed time of 2 12 minutes. The slump plate should be clean, firm, level and nonabsorbent. Pdf reproducible minislump test procedure for measuring the. For cube test two types of specimens either cubes of 15cm x 15cm x 15cm or 10cm x 10cm x 10cm depending upon the size of aggregate are used. Code and standards requirements for acceptance testing. It is important that the process of conducting acceptance testing and the responsibilities of all involved parties for.

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