K8056 8 channel relay board test software

It works for relay boards with serial portusb and network interface. The receiver module is mounted on the left hand side of the k8056 board. Add more relays, digital io, analog to digital converters, sensors, and other devices using the integrated i2c expansion port. As a stand alone card using open collectors or switches. Numato labs 8 channel relay breakout module is a smart choice for controlling higher current loads from your microcontroller development board, pc parallel port or your favorite arduino. I developed an application for this piece of hardware sainsmart 8 channel relay on the left in the picture with the added rj45 communication shield for a lan connection on the right. This board has eight onboard relays which can switch up to 10a. All software windows mac palm os linux windows 7 windows 8 windows mobile windows phone ios android windows ce windows server pocket pc blackberry tablets os2 handheld symbian. The k8056 8 channel relay board can be used in several ways. Diagnostic test software separate relay onoff test with moment or toggle function. Use relay card as stand alone, addressed by switches or open collector outputs or remote controlled. Eight channel remote relay card illustrated assembly manual h8056ip1 t h i s r e l a y c. The velleman 8channel relay card kit can be used in several ways, as a stand alone card, addressed by switches or open collector outputs. The codes that are available online, all turn the relays on and then off after a delay.

The velleman k8056 relay card can be used in several ways. It can be used to control various appliances and equipment with large current. Open source firmware for velleman k8056 8channels relay board. Page 3 overview this is eight channel relay board controlled by bluetooth module. It is equipped with highcurrent relays that work under ac250v 10a or dc30v 10a. Optional 1 or 2 channel usb relay board with spst reed relays io versions have one 8 channel input or output port with each pin selectable as an input or an output, and one 2 channel optoisolated input port. Sainsmart 8channel relay module 5v 8channel relay interface board, and each one needs 1520ma driver current. Arduino compatible 8 channel relay board bnr industrial. It can be controlled directly by microcontroller raspberry pi, arduino, 8051, avr, pic, dsp, arm, arm, msp430, ttl logic.

Vellemank8056 8 channel relay board,counting in binary and switching lights using a modified visual basic program from. Watch the position, the coil point to the relays of the k8056. With this relay board, any logiclevel signal from 3v up to 30v can be used to activate a relay it may be controlled direclty by microcontroller ttl logic as well. Usb 8 channels relay output board provides one asynchronous. Use your computer usb port to connect to the outside world. It has eight onboard 12v 24v spdt relays that can switch up to 10a load. Velleman k8056 8channel relay interface card kit standalone, rs232 or optional rf this 8channel relay interface card selfassembly electronic kit can be used in several ways. This is the software default and is used in a single or dual channel board configuration.

Relay board software free download relay board top 4. Numatos urmc8 8 channel usb relay module provides an exceptional value for money. These handy relay modules provide the easiest way to use your duinotech to switch real world devices. Easy interface with microcontrollers based projects and analog circuits. Solved 5v 8 channel relay board external power source. This is application that allows the usb 8 relay board to be controlled from your pc. Development of open source firmware software for k8056 8channel relay card produced by velleman inc.

The bluetooth relay board is with 8 spdt relays rated up to 7a each. The relays are controlled by usb capable microchip pic microcontroller pic18f14k50 and come with builtin firmware that supports simple commands to control relays and read relay status. This is a 5v 4channel relay interface board, be able to control various appliances, and other equipments equipment with large current. This is a simple 8 channel usb based general purpose relay controller which allows computer controlled switching of external devices.

Available in one, four and eight channel versions, these modules can. I cant run my relay board with a wall type adapter. System requirements for diagnostic and test software. As3108 8channel rs232 serial relay controller isolated io board general purpose rs232 serial port io controller board with 8 relay outputs and 4 optoisolated digital inputs for use in a wide variety of control and sensing applications including load switching, external switch input sensing, contact closure and external voltage sensing. The connection status is detected and shown continuously. You may open many usb boards and select wich one to control.

It works with 8channel relay controller boards of national control devices ncd. By remote using radio frequency signals with the velleman k8058 remote control and rx433 module as a receiver. Perfect for switching 240v appliances like lights, fans, etc remotely using ir remote. Standard interface that can be controlled directly by microcontroller arduino, 8051, avr, pic, dsp, arm, arm, msp430, ttl logic. I am feeding the arduino with another 9v wall type adapter which is 500ma. This is a 5v 8channel relay interface board, be able to control various appliances and other equipment with large current. Can be used directly to control 240v power appliance from most of the microcontrollers and other control system circuits. It appears as a virtual serial com port and is capable of switching loads rated up to 250vac10a. Buy 8channel relay card kit in the distrelec online shop we love electronics. There are 8 indicators representing each relay channel led from the board. Download32 is source for relay board shareware, freeware download relay timer, licht24 pro, quick timer r16x, quick timer r2x, quick timer r4x, etc. What i would like to do, is use a pir sensor to trigger the relays. A dll for own software development can be downloaded from our web site. I have a wall type adapter for my relay board songle 5v 8 channel and it gives 5.

Velleman vm8090 module can be interfaced with your pc, it has eight relay channels which are controlled by your computer. A general purpose 8 spdt channel relay board power supply 5vdc for switching highcurrent electrical loads both ac and dc siuch as motors, lights, pumps, contactors and more. Use this 8channel relay card to interface relays and switch between applications in your projects. Hi, switching relays on and off, anywhere in the world through the internet has never been so easy. Comes complete with vdr noise suppressors, onboard push buttons can be used to test operate all the relays. Download test software from the velleman usa website. Standard 1 or 2 channel usb relay board with heavy duty 10 amp 250vac28vdc spdt powergeneral purpose relays. Optoisolated 8 channel relay board price reduced again. Replacement firmware, that is proposed to you, mimics all known features of original one test button functionality. I recently bought an arduino uno and an 8channel relay board. Velleman k8056 8 channel relay card kit abra electronics. Velleman k8056 8channel relay card kit rapid online. K8056 8 channel relay board kit click these images for a larger view. Velleman k8056 8channel relay interface card kit quasar uk.

This unit is compatible with the 8channel relay board k8056 order code 704182, the 8channel remote control k8058 order code 704181, and the rx433 rf order code 704185, receiver module. I was browsing on this website,amongst others, to see if i could find a code for the project i need. K8056 velleman 8channel remote relay card kit arcade. Relay board is working without any problem with arduino megas 5v and gnd pins but not with the adapter. Usb 8 channels relay output board provides 8 different relay output channels, and one rs232rs422rs485 port functions, which allow each relay channel can be used to control onoff of external devices, to drive external power relays, to activate alarms etc. In option remote controlled using rf radio frequency signals k8058. Relay timer liter8x is programmable timer software for setting timing features of relay. Also available the full range of velleman test instruments, educational series, arduino shields. Relays can be turned onoff manually and automatically according to powerful time setting.

Eight channel remote relay card illustrated assembly manual h8056ip1 t h i s r e l a y c a r d c a n b e u s e d i n s e v e r a l w a y s. It works with 1channel relay controller boards of national control devices ncd, robot electronics, and velleman. Integrated port expander mcp23008 from microchip controls eight relays through the i2c bus. The usb relay board is with 84 spdt relays rated up to 7a each. Also available in pre assembled electronic module format without the rs232 interface order code. This document explains about, how to use usb relay board with raspberry pi and windows applicationsft245rl utility and programmable relay board software. Remote control 8 channel relay board k8056 electronic kit can work alone or be addressed by switches or open. It supports com port and network connection between pc and relay board. Quad channel relay board is a simple and convenient way to interface 4 relays for switching application in your project. Series are high resolution timer software to control relay boards.

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