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The slice emittance of the electron bunches is of particular. Ppxrd16 xrd training for the pharmaceutical scientist. Development of pulsed high gradient photoelectron gun. Welcome to the website of the swissfel, switzerlands xray freeelectron laser at the paul scherrer institute. As part of the future swissfel free electron laser facility1, an injector test facility has been in operation since 2010. The paul scherrer institute, psi, is the largest research centre for natural and engineering sciences within switzerland.

Ingo will, guido klemz, max borninstitute berlin, in cooperation with desy. Osgaeg06 forschungsstrasse 111 ch5232 villigen psi 10. The paul scherrer institute psi is planning two large projects in the field of photonics fig. It serves as principal test bed and demonstration plant to determine and confirm the basic requirements of the accelerator regarding the. Paul scherrer institute swissfel project swissfel conseptual layout and target parameters branch 1 2 3 units wavelength range 0. Patthey, june 22, 2010, san francisco, swissnex san francisco 2. Vibrating wire technique and phase lock loop for finding. It serves as principal test bed and demonstration plant. Andreas suter paul scherrer institute muon advanced school 2019. Paul scherrer institute wikipedia republished wiki 2. Cscs takes on big data from the paul scherrer institute.

Milne,1 bill pedrini,1 peter radi,1 gebhard schertler,6,7 jorg standfuss,6 urs staub,8 and luc patthey1 1swissfel, paul scherrer institute, 5232. Research at paul scherrer institutes large scale facilities l. By conducting fundamental and applied research, we work on longterm solutions for major challenges facing society, industry and science. One of the promising future fels, swissfel, is being constructed by paul scherrer institute psi. Status of the swissfel facility at the paul scherrer institute. At the paul scherrer institute psi, researchers have gained insights into a promising material for organic lightemitting diodes oleds. The paul scherrer institute is currently commissioning 1 the swissfel injector test facility 2, a linear accelerator for a nominal particle energy of 250 mev that is designed to study the generation of electron bunches suitablefortheswissfelxrayfreeelectronlaserxfel3. However, transferring huge amounts of data including ongoing. Paul scherrer institutemahir dzambegovic smolentsev in front of swissfel. Being one of these fel endeavors, an xray fel swissfel 1 is presently being built at the paul scherrer institute in villigen, switzerland, and seeded operation is a. Researchers gain insights into promising material for oleds. The paul scherrer institute psi is a multidisciplinary research institute which belongs to the swiss federal institutes of technology domain covering also eth zurich and epfl. This light source represents one of currently four xfel projects, which deliver hard. Offizieller videokanal des paul scherrer instituts psi.

The pharmaceutical powder xray diffraction symposium is designed to create a forum for the exchange of knowledge and cuttingedge ideas among those interested in the combined fields of xrd and pharmaceutical sciences. It was established in 1988 through the merger of eir eidgenossisches institut fur reaktorforschung, federal institute for reactor research, established in 1960 and sin schweizerisches institut fur nuklearphysik. Matter and material, energy and the environment, and health. Profile monitors for the swissfel injector test facility. Researchers have been searching for such materials for a long time.

Opportunities for ultrafast science at swissfel rafael abela,1 paul beaud,1 jeroen a. The paul scherrer institute operates two accelerator complexes as user facilities for a large community of. Analysis of femtosecond electron bunches at the swissfel. Terence garvey, paul scherrer institut, villigen, switzerland 5232, division of large research infrastructures. Thomas prokscha head zaher salman andreas suter hanspeter weber technician elvezio morenzoni head until 2008. We perform worldclass research in three main subject areas. As part of the future swissfel free electron laser facility, an injector test facility has been in operation since 2010.

The ultrafast xray revolution was triggered in 2009 when the linac coherent light source at stanford came online, followed by sacla in japan, pal in korea, and euroxfel in hamburg. Reiche, on behalf of the swissfel team paul scherrer institute, villigen, switzerland abstract swissfel is a xray freeelectron laser facility with a soft and hard xray beamline, planned to be built at the paul scherrer institute and to be nished in 2016. The substance enables high light yields and would be inexpensive to produce on a large scale that means it is practically made for use in largearea room lighting. Researchers make temporary, fundamental change to a materials properties. Neutron dose rate at the swissfel injector test facility. The magnetic components for swissfel, namely the bending magnets.

This accuracy will be reached using beam alignment techniques. This national project aims to provide one of the worlds most brilliant light beams by the time it will go in operation in 2016. In the current article the laser facility is presented, an integral part of the user facility, as most timeresolved experiments will require a versatile optical laser infrastructure and precise information about the relative delay between the xray and optical. The swissfel is a linacbased xray free electron laser facility under construction at the paul scherrer institute. The hard xray laser swissfel at the paul scherrer institute is currently being commissioned and will soon become available for users. Paul scherrer institut swissfel testanlage swiss national research institute research with large facilities for external and inhouse users psi west psi ost research topics from material science energy physics biology chemistry more at excursion medicine next tuesday. Operational experience babak kalantari paul scherrer institut talk tue 10. Researchers make temporary, fundamental change to a. Storing and archiving data is part of everyday life at cscs. Today cscs in lugano announced plans to archive research data collected by the largescale research facilities at the paul scherrer institute psi in villigen. Swissfel makes protein structures visible 10 october 2018. The collaboration between psi and cscs enabled major improvements to the data transfer and storage process. The swissfel is based on a novel technology holding exceptional promises for diverse areas of scientific research.

The next large scale facility in preparation at the paul scherrer institute psi is an xray free electron laser, named the swissfel. Paul scherrer institute has 9 repositories available. Status of the psi xray free electron laser swissfel. Footpath to meeting room whga001 footpath to meeting room osgaeg06. Download pdf copy written by azooptics may 4 2020 researchers from the paul scherrer institute psi have analyzed a potential material for organic lightemitting diodes oleds. The substance enables high light yields and would be inexpensive to. Institute of physics, jan kochanowski university, kielce, poland. Status of the magnet and of the undulator activities for. To achieve this goal, the vibrating wire technique will be.

Swiss fel beam parameters the swissfel baseline design seeks to provide a wavelength range from 0. Development of high performance electron beam switching. The facility will provide femtosecond, high brightness xray pulses for. Development of high performance electron beam switching system for swiss free electron laser at psi martin paraliev, christopher gough paul scherrer institute, 5232 villigen psi, switzerland abstract a compact xray free electron laser swissfel is under development at the paul scherrer institute. Swissfel, paul scherrer institute, villigen, switzerland. Particle accelerator activities at the paul scherrer institut. The paul scherrer institute is a swiss national research laboratory with a focus on largescale research facilities. For such short xray pulses, the electron bunch length must be comparable to the final x. The beam parameters in this study have been chosen from within the range of possible operating modes of swissfel. Pdf stability measurements of swissfel resonant kicker. Unlimited viewing of the articlechapter pdf and any associated supplements and figures. The swissfel will be a user facility to study processes on unexplored scales of space and time.

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